The Stratosphere, Getting High in Las Vegas

Somewhere between where the vibrant new world of Las Vegas Blvd ends and the classic north end begins lies the Stratosphere. It’s hard to miss actually, as it stands 1149 feet tall, the tallest observation tower west of the Mississippi River. The FAA has to work around this tower on a daily basis, maneuvering aircraft safely around it on their flight paths into and out of McCarran Airport. From the observation deck, or from the 360 degree revolving restaurant, visitors can enjoy ¬†spectacular views of the Las Vegas Valley.


Lost Vegas

Foreigners come to Las Vegas primarily to gamble and be entertained. Their first visit often times turns out to be a lot different than what they imagined, especially if they stay for any extended period of time, or explore “beyond the neon” of the strip. Yes, people DO live here. We have a unique past, some of which ¬†is kept in the shadows. Not all do well here. Some come here looking for the brass ring. It never comes. Promises are broken, dreams are shattered._D8A7881-Edit_D8A7892-Edit-Edit_D8A7958-EditBlueAngel_D8A7343 copy-Edit_D8A7338 copy-Edit